The Art Hotel Denver - Curio Collection by HILTON - 2022

Curio Collection by HILTON combines hospitality and a presentation of curated works of art. The Art Hotel Denver is located in the city's Arts District, a 10-minute walk from half a dozen major museums with a great view of the Rocky Mountains.

The open reception area was provided with surfaces made of BARKTEX®_MilkyWay. The surface was painted with a barely noticeable super matt lacquer. The third photo shows one of the reception desks in the paint shop.

Execution: Genesis Hospitality Corporation, Loveland, Colorado. Our preferred partner in the USA for sophisticated interior solutions.


JOB ADVERTISEMENT: Genesis Hospitality Corporation is looking for a carpenter with German or Austrian carpentry training. If you are interested, please contact the Executive Vice President, Bertram Schwaderlapp, - even in German.

Fotos: HILTON Group, Bertram Schwaderlapp