Discover a unique material

Each piece is an exquisitely handcrafted individual, telling you its own story

Designers and architects value the expressive character, unique texture and sensual tactility of the bark cloth tree bark fleece. Depending on lighting conditions, angle of viewing, finishing, and temperament of its producer the soft, moldable cloth changes from the supple, but robust charm of leather to the translucent and graceful lightness of filmy fleeces.

“The allure of this exceptional material comes from its inimitable structure and the fascinating game played between ancient authenticity and state-of-the-art finishes and uses... It is ideal to serve for products and architectural projects where individuality plays a central role”
Humberto Campana

Pure and real, thousands of years old, though ahead of its time, it concentrates style and design down to the bare essentials. For whichever application, you are sure to use a unique masterpiece.


Fascination of nature

Bark Cloth tree bark fleece, a textile without any additives.

Exactly one cloth is created from the bark of one tree. The harvesting of the bark and its...


Bark Cloth goes BARKTEX®

BARKTEX® is made from the traditionally manufactured bark cloth.

Through a variety of textile, wood, leather and polymer technology, it undergoes a metamorphosis...