has an attractive surface finish, which is produced by a special bleaching technique on BARK CLOTH_tradition_0131. The motif, inspired by the Milky Way, is random, and the process lays much emphasis on the proportionality of bleaches to each other. This results in a harmonious full picture.

The basic tone in various reddish brown gradations is supplemented by embossed irregular "heaps" and dots in cream colors and anthracite to black. Each of our Ugandan designers has her own style, which is reflected in her works.

This design can be processed simply and without detailed planing. If more than one piece is used for a project, the processing direction usually does not matter. This can help to minimize waste.

Formats: 130 x 255cm, 140 x 275 cm, 150 x 280 cm, 165 x 300 cm, 175 x 320 cm. Larger formats on request. The smaller formats are permanently available, the larger ones occasionally not. An interesting alternative is BARKTEX®_Stripes'n'Sprinkles_0810. However, this is more demanding in the processing of larger surfaces because of the stripe symmetry. Its design is produced by the same technique, so the effect is comparable.