7 Heavens Chalet Aconcagua - Zermatt - Switzerland

Project: 7 Heavens, Chalet Acongagua, Zermatt

Concept and realization: diesigner konzept GmbH, Schwaig (Nuremberg), Germany

Material: BARKTEX®_SuperSplit_0840

Pictures: BARK CLOTH_europe, diesigner konzept GmbH
„7 Heavens“ are seven individually furnished luxury chalets in the centre of Zermatt/Switzerland. For the design of each of the houses another interior designer has been engaged, all from prominent design agencies around the world.
This chalet has been realized completely by the team of diesigner ( www.diesigner.de ) from Schwaig/Nuremberg – from the concept to the complete outfitting.
A highlight is the custom-made BARKTEX®_SuperSplit_0840 with a size of 4000 x 1700 mm, where a black piece of BARKTEX®_Natural-colors has been gilded with more than 1000 ultrathin beaten aluminum leafs (not to be confused with ordinary aluminum tin foil).
With a distance of 15 cm each, the surface has been cleaved manually with a scalpel into 26 lines, resulting to more than 44 linear meters of black split stripes with an enormous depth effect.

The installation has been carried out apparently hovering with a distance of 10 cm to the wall.

Credits / Fotos: diesigner Konzept GmbH, BARK CLOTH_europe