Anything but leather!

Vegan surface material as an alternative to leather and artificial leather. Not only vegan, but > 99% biobased. A surface material that grows permanently - naturally.

Enhanced successor of BARKTEX®_No-Buffalo_0711, the world's first vegan surface material. Its long-term permanent development goes back to the first years of this millennium, when veganism was mainly a foreign word.

The advantage over other more or less biobased vegan surface solutions, which are currently being much discussed:
No Potemkin village. But always short-term available from stockrooms Germany in light brown, dark brown, black and ivory/créme tones. The selection is not enough for your purposes? With only a few weeks of previous notice, almost all BARKTEX®_aesthetics can be supplied with also the functionality and tactile experience of BARKTEX®_No-Buffalo_0714.

Applications: fashion accessories, wall coverings, furniture surfaces. Partly also shoes (bootleg area).

Variants/colors, permanent stock articles:
BARKTEX®_No-Buffalo_0714-0131: light brown. Made from BARK CLOTH_tradition_0131
BARKTEX®_No-Buffalo_0714-0411: dark brown and black. Made from BARKTEX®_Natural-colors_0411
BARKTEX®_No-Buffalo_0714-0411: créme/ivory. Made from BARKTEX®_Ivory_0303

Production is currently being carried out in small batches. Therefore, unit costs and prices are still relatively high. Depending on your philosophy and market position, we recommend either to be one of the pioneer customers who can accomplish higher prices for the exclusivity of their products. Or to wait until the price of BARKTEX®_No-Buffalo will lower in the coming months and years through increased merchandise turnover. Tell us about your solution requirements, please contact us!

Credits/Fotos: Mats Rombaut / Markus Werner / Puma / Raumprobe